Continuous Matter


2 Drawn Gold


It is stated in the scientific literature that atoms in the solid state are “rotating and vibrating kinetically in place”, and accordingly that there can be no consistent attractive forces acting between atoms.
However it is quite clear from numerous electron microscope images available online of atomic structures, such as those in 1 and 2 above, that these formations would not at all be possible unless very strong attractive forces are acting directly between these atoms, and so it is evident that there can be no independent “rotational and vibrational” interactions, no individual “kinetic motions” of atoms.
With respect to the single gold atom depicted as ultimately connecting the two masses in the reconstructed image this single atom is ultimately, actively and directly transmitting a relatively strong force of attraction between the two separate masses of gold atoms, and accordingly could not have any independent, “rotational or vibrational”, motion.
These strong interatomic attractive forces are also clearly demonstrated in these videos:-
Gold atoms being pulled apart.
Attraction and fusion between two nano-particles of gold.

All this is supported by the observed complete bonding, the cold fusion, of two plane sheets of any metal in industrial processes, as indicated in the images below:-

In these circumstances of relatively very strong interatomic attraction acting between these atoms it is evident that individual atoms are exerting equally strong repulsive forces in order to maintain their structural integrity.

It is now accepted that with a reduction in temperature from STP individual atoms are reduced in volume, and obviously in the opposite direction they increase in volume.

But to conform to current “kinetic” theory it is necessary to believe that with an input of energy at STP the component atoms do not further increase in volume but remain at the STP volumes, whereupon an interatomic vacuum forms and begins to progressively, and exponentially, expand and that these enclosed atoms then begin to move “kinetically” and collide with adjacent atoms.

This would mean that these hypothetical conditions of the changes of state of matter at STP here at the surface of the Earth extend and apply throughout the entire universe, which in turn means that the transmission of observed forces of attraction between both macroscopic and celestial bodies is impossible.

This absurd, incongruous, hypothetical situation is patently and generally accepted by all theoretical physicists.

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